Have you met John?

Hello John, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is John Berkeljon. I am 56-year-old and the father of five children. Since 2002, I have worked as an independent consultant for financial services. Some years ago, of the thousands of applicants, 61 were approved (including myself) to begin the pilot program at the KLM flight academy, but there were only 57 spots available, and four were dropped (including me).

After years of sitting in the backseat as I traveled for work to most countries around the world, I’ve spent the last five years working in the aviation industry. Universe is getting in sync again 🙂

Aside from work, I am an avid triathlete which helps me to keep a good life balance.

2/ Why did you decide to join Aiir?

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to accept only assignments that appeal to me because they are energetic, fun, have nice people to work with, and where I believe I can add value. When the request came in and the decision was made to accept a conversation with the Aiir management, all boxes were checked.

3/ What do you appreciate the most in the aviation industry? What features do you see compared to other industries?

Due to its pronounced paradoxes, aviation is fascinating. Because of the regulatory components that are incorporated for safety concerns, it is highly cautious and cannot advance quickly in most sectors. On the other hand, in this technologically dependent industry, there is a need and a push for advancement.

The need to get greener and finding staff for all positions are the 2 main issues. By reducing the number of hours required for an inspection and raising the quality of work produced, AIIR is genuinely boosting the BSI sector. From what I saw, day after day, the AIIR Team succeeds in that more and more.

4/ You are more experienced than most of the Aiir team, how was your integration?

AIIR recognized the need for assistance in order to, first and foremost, relieve one of the founders of the accounting burden. It has grown into my role as CFO for AIIR since the day I arrived.

Building on mutual trust, respect, and understanding, I will bring up how my experience can benefit AIIR. The transition into the role of experienced CFO was streamlined.

5/ You mentioned the triathlon earlier, can you tell us more?

Triathlon is a way of life. The “true triathlon,” also known as The Ironman, is an event that consists of swimming 3.8km in open water, followed by a 180 km cycling leg, and finishing with a 42,2 km marathon. You perform alone, but you need a team to support you and educate you so that you can first try to understand your own weaknesses and strengths and how to deal with them. In Barcelona in 2021, I placed fourth, which was my highest performance. 

The European Championship will be held in Frankfurt the next year, and the goal will be to place high enough to qualify for the world championship.

Thank you John