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Aiir Innovations uses AI to improve the accuracy and speed of borescope inspections

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Digital Assistant

A second set of AI-enabled eyes means greater confidence in your borescope results. With a digital assistant on hand, inspection tasks are less tiring, human error is reduced and video analysis proceeds faster thanks to automated damage recognition. This frees skilled staff to work on jobs that really need the human touch.

Technical teams and their customers can comment on and share borescope findings via our secure online platform.

Aiir software generates near-instantaneous reports. Damage is flagged before the camera probe has left the engine, while review of historical footage takes just minutes online.

Tap into the power of AI to cut out errors and protect against warranty claims, while Aiir’s automated blade-counting feature means nothing is overlooked.

“KLM sets the highest possible Standards for aircraft maintenance. This software helps to further improve quality and thus contributes to air safety.”
Erik Swelheim
Managing Director and CFO
“Thanks to the digital report, they spend less time on administrative tasks. This not only improves the way they record, it also increases job satisfaction.”
Paul Chün
Vice President
KLM Engine Services
“Using Aiir's AI technology and online platform we are able to review borescope inspections with a high level of precision in just a fraction of the time. This reduces the risk of undetected findings when delivering or accepting an engine as part of the lease process.”
Remko Bruinsma
Senior Technical Asset Manager
MTU Maintenance Lease Services

More Successful

Aiir software delivers borescope analysis that is correct first time 50% more often than traditional inspections.


After analyzing borescope video for the tiniest defects, our AI provides a detailed overview of its findings, allowing you to zero in on critical frames instead of reviewing hours of footage.

Better Customer Experience

Spot damage that customers or trading partners may have missed by uploading borescope inspection videos to our cloud-based platform.

Developed to fit every use case

How it works?

Aiir software is easy to use and designed for seamless integration into existing processes. Simply drag and drop video and other files into our cloud-based platform and let the AI review the footage. A detailed report then highlights any defects or damage detected. If further analysis is needed, leave comments next to the relevant image. Other team members can see these immediately via our platform and offer their own evaluation. By generating a secure link third parties can also access images and footage, eliminating the need to email large attachments or screenshots.

Artifical Intelligence Research

Dynamic Software Engineering

Enterprise-grade Security

Strong foundations for a strong future

We combine our deep knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and software development to build cutting-edge solutions that are both easy to use and a step change from traditional inspections.

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