We develop easy-to-use software to automate visual inspections, which saves time and improves quality.

What we do

We develop software that automatically detects damages in material. Our software analyses video footage and images to assist your team throughout their work. This allows your team to save time, while the quality of the inspection increases. With our software, your team can focus on what's really important.

Though our focus lies on the maintenance industry, our techniques can be applied to any video footage of any industry and used to solve numerous problems. If you are curious to what we can offer you, send us a message!

How we work

We always develop our software in close collaboration with the end users. This allows us to create solutions that adapt to local environments and run on existing systems, optimizing your workflow. To ensure our products can be integrated into your workflow easily, we perform feasibility studies to get a clear image on what we can offer you.

Our knowledge of software engineering makes us a reliable partner to develop state-of-the-art software.

Our Services

We develop our software with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, combined with experience in software development.

Artificial Intelligence Research

Our software profits from the latest developments in Machine Learning and Image Recognition to detect structural damages.

Dynamic Software Engineering

Our development team makes use of agile software engineering methods which include very close collaboration with the customer during the development process.

Linking Science and Industry

We have strong ties to the University of Amsterdam and the Delft University of Technology. Our connections to academia and the industry enable us to bring the best from one area into the other.

Data Security

All data collected data is transported and stored in encrypted channels and databases.