Have you met Cassandra?

Hello Cassandra, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Cassandra Loor, I am 30 years old and I am the Co-Founder & Product Owner of Aiir Innovations. I was studying Electrical Engineering and I was introduced to artificial intelligence (AI). I was so enamored with it that I switched to AI for my Masters degree.

I grew up around Amsterdam, but I have since moved away to a more quiet town. On days off, I still enjoy visiting the busy capital. 

2/ Where does the name Aiir come from?

The name Aiir actually started its life as AIIR, an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence in Inspection & Repair. As time passed the abbreviation faded to the background resulting in the current name Aiir.

Fun fact, even for the founders it is unclear what the logo was exactly intended to be. However, we love how it combines the airplane-like shape, the kind of eyes to the side and, of course, the heart in the middle. 

3/ We do not see a lot of women in tech companies, why do you think that is?

That is true, but we are also seeing a change. At Aiir Innovations, we have two women who are part of the founding team. Through ACE, the startup incubator for the University of Amsterdam, we are seeing more and more women heading up companies in technical fields. Their solutions are very interesting and tend to cover markets that have not yet been tapped into.  

4/ Can you share some of your biggest challenges so far?

Our technology is bringing a major shift to the aircraft borescope inspection in terms of work methods. Consequently, change management is probably the most difficult task so far. After all, we are changing a process that has been in place for decades! To make the process as comfortable as possible, we are in continuous conversation with our end users on how to improve the experience. It takes a lot of effort to translate their needs and wishes, but it is definitely worth it and improves our product. I am glad we have now reached a good understanding of their needs.

5/ Can you please share some of the future features on the Aiir platform?

This year we will focus on guiding users through inspections and reporting. In addition to that, we have been collecting a lot of feedback on user experience and we will focus on translating that feedback to a new and more user-friendly interface. Also, we are continuously improving our intelligent features, such as the Assistant as well as other features. These combined features focus on ensuring flawless borescope inspection. It is important to gain full trust and complete satisfaction from our customers.

Thank you Cassandra