About us

Find out what drives us and why we succeed!

What drives us

It is our mission to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of visual inspections. Visual inspections are necessary to ensure proper functionality of all kinds of mechanical structures and material. Experts are needed to perform these inspections and even then it can be difficult to determine if there is a structural damage. Therefore, we have created a product that will help your team increase the quality of their inspections, while reducing the time it takes to perform them.


Who we are

Aiir Innovations is a startup, based at the Startup Village at the Amsterdam Science Park. Our team consists of an Assistant Professor and five Artificial Intelligence Masters graduates. Our extensive knowledge of Computer Vision and Machine Learning allows us to tackle the most challenging tasks.

Our Team

Jan van Gemert

The Professor

Jan has a PhD and was post-doctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam and the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. Currently, he heads the Computer Vision group at Delft University of Technology. His research interests include visual encodings, image and video categorization, action and object recognition and localization. He has published over 50 papers and is cited over 3,000 times. Jan is our link to the scientific state-of-the-art in visual recognition techniques.

Bart Vredebregt

The Visionary

During his studies, Bart worked in data analytics and was a board member of various student organizations where he discovered his passion for organizing and entrepreneurship. Along with his background in Artificial Intelligence, he is the right mix of technical and entrepreneurial qualities needed for innovation!

Miriam Huijser

The Researcher

Miriam has a great passion for applying scientific methods in real-world applications, improving processes within complex systems, especially those involving humans. She graduated cum laude for both her Bachelors and Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence. Her great eye for detail and her striving for perfection make her a great Research Officer to drive the development of our intelligent products.

Steve Nowee

The Money Master

During his studies in Artificial Intelligence, his main focus was on the field of Computer Vision. He participated in the honours programme, allowing him to develop his skills as an AI specialist. His attention to detail and strive for perfection forms a solid foundation for his work as a financial manager and makes him an expert in automated image analysis.

Fritjof Büttner

The Tech Guru

After graduating as Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Fritjof worked in Research and Development. In one of the projects there, he came into contact with Artificial Intelligence mechanisms and decided to pursue an AI Master’s degree. He brings five years of technical experience from the corporate world to Aiir, where he focuses on translating the innovations from AI research into a complex software product.

Cassandra Loor

The Planner

She started off as an Electrical Engineer and worked as an embedded software developer, before switching to Artificial Intelligence. During her AI studies, she focused mainly on Computer Vision, where she developed her skills as an AI specialist. During her time at Aiir Innovations, she discovered her interest in business development and focuses on the business strategy.