About Aiir Innovations

Aiir Innovations was founded in 2016 by an assistant professor in Computer Vision and five graduates in Artificial Intelligence. Based in Amsterdam, we build cutting-edge solutions that are both easy to use and a step change from traditional inspections.

Bart Vredebregt

The Visionary

Cassandra Loor

The Planner

Fritjof B├╝ttner

The Tech Guru

Miriam Huijser

The Researcher

Steve Nowee

The Money Master

Thibault Daboux

Head of Sales

Amir Abounnasr

Software Engineer

Jan van Gemert

The Professor

Edwin Nouwt

UX | UI Designer

Our mission

Near term

Our immediate goal is full automation of borescope inspection analysis. We want to free engineers from the time-consuming, repetitive and tiring job of reviewing footage, while at the same time accelerating the process and improving its accuracy.

Long term

After perfecting our borescope technology, we aim to increase the efficiency and quality of all visual inspections inside and outside the aircraft. Even experts can struggle to find every defect, every time, but our software has the potential to do just that as we broaden its application.

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